About the Game

The Way of Life DEFINITIVE EDITION will make players live several life experiences from the point of view of three characters of different ages: an adult, an old man and a child.
The game’s strength is that every experience has its different gameplay mechanic, the one that makes players really feel the limits, feelings and fears of the character in every situation. The only thing in common between every character is the first person view, wich immerses the player in every character’s life.

The Way of Life DEFINITIVE EDITION tells stories about several serious themes: from euthanasia to death penalty, from war to love, from defeat to discrimination, everything tied by the personal growth and the perception of reality as main themes.

The player choose how to face every experience, so every playthrough can be different depending on what decisions the player took.
The characters are extremely different, both visually and control related. The child see the world in vibrant colors, eager to explore it, while the adult has a narrower, grayer view except for things he really cares about. Control wise, the old man moves slowly and with a shaking camera, to simulate how a elderly moves, meanwhile the child can run and jump freely.


Game Contents

The Way of Life DEFINITIVE EDITION will be composed by 10 Experiences, 30 Levels and more then 70 Choices. This will let you build your own life experience, that will lead you to choices-dependent ending. Can you face yourself?  Do you think to be capable to make the right decision in the right time? There’s only one way to answer this questions, PLAY THE GAME!


Coming Soon on…

The Way of Life DEFINITIVE EDITION will be available on Steam (PC and Mac) and Xbox One during the first quarter of 2018. The game will have achievements, and Steam Cards. Stay tuned for more news.

Available On Steam     Available on Xbox One