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We are a small independent game studio based in Milan founded in 2014, known for developing The Way of Life FREE EDITION, and currently working on The Way of Life DEFINITIVE EDITION. We are focus on B2C projects, but we have a lot of experience in B2B projects as well. The core team is made by two people, with a lot of external collaborator and partners. We strictly believe that videogames are More than just Entertainment and we believe that a videogame can be a useful tool to learn, feel and live.

All the people involved in the Studio have different background and different competences, but we all share the same, amazing, passion: VIDEOGAMES!

We are always looking for something different, and a way to improve and make our contribution in the game industry. We like facing all kind of challenges, both technical and designs ones.


DAVIDE CAIO | Co-Founder and Game DirectorDavide Caio - Game Director - Core Team

Davide Caio is the Game Director and Developer of CyberCoconut. He first started in the gaming industry as a freelancer in 2013, working on more than 10 games, focusing on EduGames and E-Learning Games.

His activities goes from game design to game development, all while managing the Team.

  • AGE: 27
  • SKILLS:  Leadership, Fast Thinking, Unity3D-Master.
  • FORMATION: Politecnico of Milan – Computer Science Engineering.
  • HOBBIES: Philosophy, Sociology, Videogames.
  • FAVORITE GAMES: Destiny (XB1), Civilization VI (PC), The Witcher 3 (PC).

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NICOLÒ AZZOLINI | Co-Founder and Art DirectorNicolò Azzolini - Art Director - Core Team

Nicolò Azzolini is the Art Director and all around artist for CyberCoconut. He has been passionate about art and design  all his life long, and since 2014 he works in the game industry. His great passion for movies and comics always helped him with storytelling, adding a great emotional twist to each experience.

  • AGE: 25
  • SKILLS:  LowPoly modeling Master, Color Enthusiast, Minimalist designer
  • FORMATION: Nemo – Academy of Digital Arts, Florence – 3D & Entertainment Design Course.
  • HOBBIES: Board Games, Movies, Pen&Paper RPGs.
  • FAVORITE GAMES: Journey (PS4), Planescape Torment (PC), Crusader Kings 2 (PC)

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